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Some Users of the Galaxy Communicator Software Infrastructure

The Galaxy Communicator Software Infrastucture (GCSI) has been developed for and is used by the members of the DARPA Communicator Program. In addition to this, several external groups have adopted the GCSI for their own projects:
  • "SAIC is using [GCSI] for an internal research and development project that commenced December 2001 and will likely end in September 2002." --Lynellen Perry, SAIC
  • "Galaxy/communicator is the basis of a five year project at the University of Colorado, supported by $12.4M in federal grants, to develop Reading Tutors that use intelligent animated agents that converse with students to teach them to read. For more information about the project, please see" --Ron Cole, University of Colorado
  • "The GATE General Architecture for Text Engineering is being used in the AMITIES project to build a Galaxy Communicator server for processing call center dialogues. GATE is a text-oriented language processing infrastructure. In future we may integrate the two systems more closely. Contact Hamish Cunningham." --Hamish Cunningham, University of Sheffield
  • "Ground Logistics Command and Control - Naval FNC on Expeditionary Logistics. This is a continuation and extension of LCS Marine capabilities. This is only a very small piece of the overall program. ATL is doing minor changes to the existing program." -- Jody Daniels, Lockheed Martin
  • "Augmented Cognition - DARPA. Initially we are testing various interruption strategies within the context of verbal communications. We are using the LCS Marine and LCS Navy domains along with several additional servers to support interruption management and context recovery." --Jody Daniels, Lockheed Martin
  • "We are creating a set of computer vision servers that need to be Galaxy compliant. They will include face detection, face tracking, face recognition and emotion recognition. The servers will interact with the CU animator under development by Ron Cole's group at Boulder. This research is being funded by an NSF/ITR grant." --Javier Movellan, UCSD
  • The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in the UK is funding a Communicator based system which is an object-based approach to the implementation of a practical, mixed initiative, cross-domain, spoken dialogue manager at the Queen's University of Belfast.
Finally, two other large European projects have adopted the GCSI:
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