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Server Stub Library

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This documentation briefly describes functions in the directory src/libGalaxy/ServerStub which are present but probably will not be used by the developer. The signatures of these functions may change from release to release.

Gal_Frame GalSS_CallServerFunction(Gal_Frame frame, GalSS_Environment *env, int optional)
Calls the server function specified in frame.  Both frame and server_data are passed to the function.  If the function is not optional, a warning is printed if it does not exist.  The result frame is returned.

int GalSS_EnvErrorOfType(GalSS_Environment *env, int type, const char *description)

int GalSS_FrameHandler(GalIO_CommStruct *gcomm, Gal_Frame frame)
This function is always the third argument of GalIO_ServerInit, and it is called with connection as an argument. The frame is a message which will be passed to the appropriate dispatch function. The return value is

GalSS_ServerLocationEntry *GalSS_FindServerLocationEntry(const char *filename, const char *server_name)

GalSS_ServerLocationEntry *GalSS_DigestServerLocationFile(const char *filename)

void GalSS_FreeProviderSpec(GalSS_ProviderSpec *spec)

char *GalSS_FormatProviderSpec(GalSS_ProviderSpec *spec, Gal_StringBuffer **bufptr)

int GalSS_SessionDecodeLocks(Gal_Frame fr, int *mask_ptr, int *value_ptr)

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Last updated June 24, 2002