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Using non-MIT Makefiles

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As of Galaxy Communicator 2.0, no stubber is required to generate headers. This means that it's easy to use non-MIT makefiles to compile Communicator-compliant servers. We provide an example of this.

You need to declare a number of things in order to compile the server:

Here's an example:
# This example doesn't use either the MIT or the MITRE
# Makefile templates, as an illustration.

ROOTDIR = /packages/GalaxyCommunicator

TEMPLATES = $(ROOTDIR)/templates

# I need to get the architecture to find the MIT libraries.
# But I need to load config.make to find out what the ARCH prefix
# is, and config.make to find out what ARCHOS_PREFIX is.

include $(TEMPLATES)/archos.make

CPPFLAGS = -I. -I$(ROOTDIR)/include

LIBS = -L$(ROOTDIR)/lib/$(ARCHOS) -lGalaxy

ifeq ($(OS),solaris)
LIBS += -lsocket -lnsl -lrt

include $(TEMPLATES)/shared_libs.make

# If we're using shared libraries, add the run-time dependency on
# the library to the LIBS line.

    LIBS += -Xlinker $(XLINKER_RTFLAG) -Xlinker $(ROOTDIR)/lib/$(ARCHOS)


all: double

double: double.c $(LIBDEPS)
        gcc -g $(CPPFLAGS) -o double.$(ARCHOS).bin double.c $(LIBS)

Note that the libraries rely on the real-time and network libraries on Solaris.

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Last updated February 26, 2002