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How to Use the Communicator Library in Arbitrary Executables

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At times, you may be interested in using the Galaxy Communicator C library in executables besides the Hub and servers. For instance, you may be interested in writing code which pretends to be a Hub and contacts a server directly, or you may be interested in parsing and manipulating Communicator frames.

GalIO_CommStruct *GalIO_ClientConnect(const char *name, const char *host, unsigned short port, int silent, Gal_Frame welcome_frame, Gal_Frame *reply_frame)
Contact the server located at host and port and use welcome_frame as the contents of the reinitialize message. The name and silent arguments are for debugging purposes. The server that is contacted will behave exactly as if a Hub had contacted it.

void Gal_InitializeStatics(void )
This function initializes the verbosity printing and all the mutexes required for threaded interaction. If you write an application which doesn't create a GalIO_ServerStruct object, you must call this function.

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Last updated June 21, 2002