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Release Notes for Version 2.x

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This document briefly lists all the changes from one Galaxy Communicator distribution to the next for versions 2.x.

Version 2.x is not the current version of Galaxy Communicator.

August 2000: Version 2.1

Core distribution

MIT contributions

MITRE contributions

Full list of deprecations scheduled for 3.0

Some of these deprecations have been pending since 2.0. All will be removed in 3.0.

February 14, 2000: Version 2.0.1

This distribution contains a number of bug fixes and small enhancements which resulted from the use of 2.0.

Core distribution

MIT contributions

MITRE contributions

Known bugs

Omissions and yet-to-be-honored requests

October 30, 1999: Version 2.0

This distribution of Galaxy Communicator features a number of modifications requested by the community. In addition, it reflects a reorganization of the archive to support an anticipated open source development effort. This version of the release notes is organized by section of the documentation, instead of by section of the code.

"Directory organization"

"Installing the distribution"

"Running a configuration of servers"

"Thread notes"

"Overview: invocation, execution summary"

"How to write Hub scripts"

  • MIT program files now accept the syntax <server>@<host>(:<port>) as an argument of the SERVER: declaration.
  • It is no longer necessary to use DISPATCH_PORT: to identify a server as a dispatch server. You can pass the :is_dispatch key from the server to the Hub.
  • Incompatible change: the handling of the construction of the initial token and reinitialize message has been rationalized. In general, the -init command line argument now takes precedence over INIT: and INITIAL_TOKEN:, which takes precedence over default global information in the program file.
  • "Using the Hub in scriptless mode"

    "(How to...) Add a server"

    "(How to...) Use the frame library"

    "(How to...) Use the timed task loop"

    "(How to...) Use MIT logging"

    "(How to...) Set up a brokered audio connection"

    "(How to...) Understand the structure of a server"

    "(How to...) Use a different main loop"

    "(How to...) Use non-MIT Makefiles"

    "(How to...) Use the command-line argument parsing and printing facilities"

    "(How to...) Do signal handling"

    "(How to...) Connect multiple users using dispatch servers"

    "Reserved frame keys in Galaxy Communicator"

    "Basic server example: double"

    "MITRE utilities"

    "Tools for constructing dispatch servers and UIs"

    "MITRE tools"


    Unless you've been seriously messing with the guts of the Communicator library, none of these changes should be visible to you.

    Known bugs in 2.0

    Significant omissions

    There are a number of things which we had hoped to get to but didn't, which render the distribution somewhat inconsistent.
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