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Directory Structure

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Top Level

Here we describe the relevant organization beneath the top level Galaxy Communicator directory.

bin and lib Subdirectories

bin/ and lib/ directories are created at compile time as are bin/ and lib/ directories in all the subdirectories.  bin/ and lib/ directories contain executables and libraries respectively.  There's a little more to the bin/ and lib/ directories which is described more fully below in the section on ARCH-OS.

The docs Subdirectory

This subdirectory contains MITRE-produced documentation on the distribution, the core libraries, and the Hub.

The src Subdirectory

This subdirectory contains the sources for the core of the Communicator distribution.

The MITRE Subdirectory

The MITRE subdirectory includes examples of  Communicator functionality and utilities which use the Communicator libraries in illustrative ways. MITRE also provides a set of programming language bindings (for Python, Java, and Allegro Common Lisp), servers (DB, UI, frame transducer), and tools (process monitor, tools for parsing MIT log files, scripts for running MIT servers). See the main index for a comprehensive list of these resources.

The Galaxy Subdirectory

Here's an overview of the directories under galaxy/src/.


The templates/ subdirectory contains configuration and support files which are included in the various Makefiles.  Essentially that's where we consolidate stuff which is common to all the Makefiles.

ARCH-OS Support

The only thing to note is that the Makefiles will put things under subdirectories of the form $ARCH-OS (e.g. sparc-sunos, sparc-solaris). The bin/ directory also contains a csh script called fat_binary, which determines the correct executable to exec. For example, making an executable named a.out will create a symbolic link in bin/ to fat_binary (i.e. bin/a.out -> bin/fat_binary). fat_binary determines the $ARCH-OS of the machine it's running on, looks at the name by which it was called, and invokes the correct executable.

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