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As of version 4.0, the entire Galaxy Communicator distribution runs on Windows. This includes previously untested elements such as the toy travel demo, as well as elements such as the stdin polling utility which was previously known not to work.

In the core distribution, we distribute a Microsoft Visual C workspace GC.dsw, which you can use to compile all the C executables in the distribution. Alternatively, you can download precompiled binaries. The C executables and libraries are placed in the appropriate bin or lib directory, in the subdirectory x86-nt (the ARCHOS value for Windows). A precompiled shared library for the Python bindings is also included; note that this library requires Python 2.2.

We'd like to thank AT&T, MIT and CMU for their contributions to the Windows port of the HUB and support libraries.

What libraries do I need to compile the HUB?

The HUB executable depends on the libGalaxy.lib library.

How do I write a server?

The following are the libraries that most servers require: There is no longer any difference between platforms in writing a server. As documented in the section on adding a server, the new style of header generation relies only on the C preprocessor, so it is portable across platforms. All MITRE examples have been upgraded to use this new style. As a demonstration, the double example has been ported to NT.

Differences between Unix and Windows

The functionality differs slightly between Unix and Windows versions. Below are some of the known limitations and differences.

Language bindings

Both Python and Java are known to work on Windows.

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Last modified August 16, 2002