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New Features in the Current Distribution

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Version 4.0

The major purpose of this distribution is to add timestamp support for multimodal interaction, complete and document a number of new features, and tie up loose ends.

Broker proxies

In 4.0, we've introduced a powerful additional API for brokering which has significant advantages over the old one. It relies on an encapsulation of broker contact information called a broker proxy.
We recommend that everyone upgrade to this new broker API.

The old broker API remains unchanged, and will continue to be supported; in fact, the new broker API is implemented entirely in terms of the old one.


To support the synchronization of multimodal input, we've introduced timestamps into the Hub.

Provider names

In 4.0, we have expanded and rationalized the way the Hub can refer to specific service providers. Most significantly, we have introduced a system of provider names in the Hub, which can be specified, retrieved, passed around, and targeted for messages. We have also made this expanded syntax available in a wide range of Hub program directives.


In 4.0, we have finally completed the Hub GUI message set and implemented a simple reference which is included in the distribution. The Hub can establish contact with this server using the -gui command line argument, after which all status messages which would have been routed to standard output or standard error are sent as message frames to the specified server. This server can use this information for profiling or visualization.

Listener-in-Hub API

In 4.0, we've constructed a new server-side API which provides a structured method for contacting the Hub when that's all you really want to do.

Windows support

In 4.0, all executables, examples and demos are compiled for Windows, and the tutorial runs on Windows as well.

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Last updated August 6, 2002