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Upgrading from 3.0 to 3.1

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Upgrading to Galaxy Communicator 3.1 is simple. In fact, except for one minor change to Java servers, there are no obligatory upgrades.

This document describes only the steps required or recommended to upgrade existing features of Galaxy Communicator. You can find a list of new features here. You can find the complete release notes here.
Step Who's affected Status
Step 1: Configuring your system All users Optional
Step 2: Updating external mainloop references All users of the C API who have embedded Communicator in an external main loop Optional
Step 3: Upgrading GAL_VERBOSE references All users Optional
Step 4: Updating Java bindings Users of the Java bindings Required

Step 1: Configuring your system

Perl is no longer required for configuration or compilation. The appropriate changes have been made in the file templates/ If you have a configuration file you've stored somewhere which you use during compilation, you may wish to update that configuration file to be consistent with the template.

Step 2: Updating external mainloop references

In version 3.0, it was necessary to provide extensive, detailed callback code to embed the Communicator infrastructure in an external main loop. After considerable experience with this process, we have been able to abstract and simplify it. If you've already gone through the headache of making your external embedding 3.0-compliant, you may not want to go back and make yet another upgrade; however, the new abstraction deals with the vast majority of the details you'd otherwise need to maintain yourself, and it may be valuable to you to use it. The 3.0 API underlies this new abstraction, and will continue to be supported.

Step 3: Upgrading GAL_VERBOSE references

In previous versions of Galaxy Communicator, the default value for GAL_VERBOSE was undefined, which translated into the largest amount of data being printed. We have changed the default value of GAL_VERBOSE to be 3, which prints out a reasonable, but not overwhelming, amount of information. Many of the tools distributed with the Galaxy Communicator infrastructure already impose this value. In the unlikely case that you run C, Allegro or Python servers in situations which assume that GAL_VERBOSE is not set (and, therefore, that the servers maximally verbose), you'll have to explicitly set GAL_VERBOSE to 0.

Step 4: Updating Java bindings

The method MainServer.contactHub  has been modified. It no longer takes a Server argument. Rather, if the Hub contact policy argument is set to -1, the default policy of the invoked MainServer is used.
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Last updated June 11, 2001