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Installing and Accessing MITRE Utilities

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Compiling the utilities

To compile the MITRE utilities, assuming that ROOTDIR is set to the root of your installation:
% cd $(ROOTDIR)/contrib/MITRE
% make
You must do this after you compile the Galaxy system as a whole, since the MITRE examples use MIT libraries (of course). If you've done a toplevel compilation and the MITRE subdirectory is present, this compilation will be done for you already.

Compiling against the utilities

In your Makefile, you must put the link and include information:

Using the utilities in your code

Include the header "MITRE_galaxy.h". In addition, because some global thread properties need to be dynamically initialized, you must either call the function MGal_InitializeStatics or include the following line in your server declarations file:


See the documentation on adding a server.

void MGal_InitializeStatics(void)
Initializes the thread variables.

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Last updated February 8, 2000