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It is sometimes convenient for the user to create a frame for sending a message, or for some other purpose, in a single call, rather than creating the empty frame and adding values one by one. This tool provides that functionality.

Gal_Frame MGal_CreateFullFrame(char *name, int type, int num_pairs, ... )
The name and type are as they are for Gal_MakeFrame. The num_pairs is the number of key-value pairs which follow; the first element of each pair must be a string, and the second a Gal_Object. Here's an example:

MGal_CreateFullFrame("main", GAL_CLAUSE, 4,
                     ":input_string", Gal_StringObject(str),
                     ":utterance_id", Gal_IntObject(UttIdx),
                     ":hyp_id", Gal_IntObject(0),
                     ":mode", Gal_StringObject("typed"));
The frame which is created is a garden-variety Gal_Frame, and subsequent calls to Gal_SetProp, etc., work as expected.

See the page on compiling and accessing these utilities.

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Last updated February 8, 2000