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MITRE is providing a number of support tools for the community to use. Some of these tools were developed in the context of the MITRE training course.

Server scripts

A number of the MIT servers require certain environment variables to be set, and require you to be in certain directories. MITRE provides a set of scripts which attempt to encapsulate these requirements and make the appropriate options available on the command line.

Command line

<GC_HOME>/contrib/MITRE/tools/bin/run_server [-verbosity <int>] <server_and_args>...

This command takes a server and its arguments and runs the server in an appropriate environment. The primary advantage of this tool is to ensure that GAL_VERBOSE and SLS_VERBOSE is set to a reasonable value. SLS_VERBOSE is set for backward compatibility with MIT servers. The level is 3 by default; it can be controlled using the -verbosity argument.

Command line

<GC_HOME>/contrib/MITRE/tools/bin/run_silent_server <server_and_args>...

This command is identical to run_server except that it ensures that SLS_VERBOSE/GAL_VERBOSE are 0 (that is, minimal information will be printed out).

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Last updated September 10, 2001