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Using non-MIT Makefiles in the double server

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In this example, we present a version of the double server which does not use the MIT Makefiles. This example relies on the source code in the double server example.

This example can be found in the distribution in contrib/MITRE/examples/local_makefile.

Source files

None. Uses the source code in the double example.

Running the example

The configuration in this example can be accessed by invoking the process monitor, as follows.

% cd <root_of_GC>
% ./contrib/MITRE/tools/bin/process_monitor contrib/MITRE/examples/local_makefile/double.config


C:\> set GC_HOME=<root_of_GC>
C:\> python %GC_HOME%\
contrib\MITRE\tools\src\process_monitor\ %GC_HOME%\contrib\MITRE\examples\local_makefile\double.config
In addition, on Unix, we generate the following script.

double.csh: runs the double server and the Hub, using the double.pgm program file in the double example.


On Unix, typing "make" in this directory will create the executable and script.

This directory also contains a MSVC workspace for Windows, which is also included in the toplevel MSVC workspace for the Galaxy Communicator distribution.


See the documentation on using non-MIT Makefiles.

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Last updated August 8, 2002