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The Toy Travel Parser Server

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The toy travel Parser server is part of a demonstration of how to construct servers of various levels of complexity and use the Hub scripting language to assemble them into an end-to-end system. All the servers in this demonstration share a common message script file, which dictates how each server will respond to incoming messages.


Command line


Default port


Command line arguments

static char *oas[] = {
  "-parser_data file",  "parser data", (char *) NULL,
 This server also accepts the standard server arguments. See the oa library for details.

Message Set

Parse accepts a string and returns a frame representation of a parse tree.
  parameter type optional depends on description/constraints
IN: :input_string string     textual representation of user input
OUT: :frame frame     frame representation of parse

This message returns a frame.

Messages sent

This server sends no new messages.
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Last updated August 30, 2001.