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The current version:

log-standard-v14.html(02 June 2000)
  • Changed the attribute "id" to "turnid" on GC_TURN to bring it in line with the analogous attributes on GC_OPERATION, GC_MESSAGE, GC_EVENT and GC_DATA. Existing logs using the "id" attribute will still be processed normally, but "id" is deprecated in favor of "turnid".
  • Removed the DTD for automatic annotation rules file. The rules framework for automatic annotation allows arbitrary attributes in the new: and not: namespaces, which cannot be validated against a DTD.
  • Please also note the changes in the recent version 13 below, all of which are backward compatible with previous versions.

Related documents:

Document Type Definitions:

Previous versions:

log-standard-v13.html(12 May 2000)
  • Made "total", "task", and "true" all valid attributes of both type_start_task and type_end_task
  • Added a section describing the possible attributes to GC_LOG
  • Added optional human_annotations_included="1" attribute to GC_LOG, which indicates that the human annoations file containing transcriptions and assessment of task completion has been folded into the main log file

  • Changed time specifications from milliseconds to seconds (floats)
log-standard-v12.html(14 February 2000)
  • Added optional direction attribute to GC_DATA
  • Added "pacifier" as a possible value of type_start_utt and type_end_utt attributes
  • Added a separate DTD for annotation rules file
  • Added a sample rules file
log-standard-v11.html(13 December 1999)
  • Added GC_ANNOT tag to support folding in separate human annotation files with the core logfile
  • Fixed minor HTML bugs in previous version
log-standard-v10.html(6 December 1999)
  • Added attributes needed to support collection of data for DMA metrics
    •  Added the following attributes to GC_OPERATION, GC_MESSAGE and GC_EVENT
      • type_start_task (values: total, task)
      • type_end_task (value: true)
      • type_new_turn (values: user, system)
      • type_start_utt (values: user, system)
      • type_end_utt (values: user, system)
      • type_prompt (value: key being prompted)
    • Added the following attributes to GC_DATA
      • type_utt_text (values: transcription, system, asr)
      • type_error_msg (value: true)
      • type_help_msg (value: true)
  • Added a separate document detailing the Log Standard Implementation of DMA metrics
log-standard-v9.html(30 November 1999)
  • Changed type attribute of GC_EVENT to name
  • Changed name attribute of GC_EVENT to etype
log-standard-v8.html(8 November 1999)
  • Added optional server and location attributes to GC_EVENT
  • Fixed errors in the DTD that arose when validating a logfile
log-standard-v7.html(7 November 1999)
  • Added GC_LIST tag
  • Renamed data_type attribute of GC_DATA to dtype
  • Made tidx an attribute of GC_OPERATION, GC_MESSAGE, and GC_EVENT
  • Added direction attribute to GC_MESSAGE
  • Fixed error in GC_EVENT (type and name were reversed)
  • Cleaned up the examples
log-standard-v6.html(2 November 1999)
  • Added data_type attribute to GC_DATA
log-standard-v5.html(1 November 1999)
  • Added GC_MESSAGE and GC_EVENT as children of GC_TURN
  • Added reply_type attribute to GC_OPERATION (also present on GC_MESSAGE)
  • GC_FRAMES now must be enclosed by GC_DATA
log-standard-v4.html(20 October 1999)
  • Added logfile_version attribute to GC_LOG
log-standard-v3.html(1 October 1999)
  • Added a type attribute to GC_OPERATION
  • Made type attribute of GC_DATA optional
  • More wording changes
log-standard-v2.html(30 September 1999)
  • Minor changes of wording
log-standard-v1.html(30 September 1999)
  • Initial Version
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